Warm Winter

Report Date: February 3, 2007

We have only seen one or two cold fronts come through which has had two effects. The water temps in the bay did not get too cold, maybe 66-70 degrees which has kept the bones on the flats. On west wind days the oceanside flats of Elliot Key have had some big schools of traveling bonefish. They are pretty much moving north and south but will stop for a well presented fly or shrimp.

Charlie Britt makes his cast count with this big bone

Conversely the lack of a strong cold front has meant the abscence of spanish mackerel and bluefish that are easy pickings in the channels. The tarpon returned on schedule to Government Cut right around Christmas. They have not been easy to feed, but a strong shrimp run these last few days should get them going. Several permit have been caught while dunking shrimp.

Ethan with a Christmas vacation permit

This young man got his first "lifetime" fish the day after Christmas. 'Cuda continue to sun themselves on cold days giving anglers great shots.

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