Autumn in Florida

Report Date: November 16, 2017

As the water temps cool down a bit to the low 80's we start to get our winter visitors of the fishy type. The finger channels can come alive with mackerel, big blue runners, jack crevalles, bluefish and large yellow jacks in the 15 lb range.

Great winter action in the channels

Winter visit from bluefish

Throw in the occasional grouper and snapper species and you can have a blast with both spin and fly tackle. The flats will also fish well for bonefish and barracuda. Chumming for bones works very well this time of year.

Herb Rachelson from Taos, NM with his first bonefish

We still have some a few tarpon locally and worth a bit of time early in the day to scout and see if they're in their spots.

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