I've been fishing with Steve for 10 years. Not only is he the most knowledgeable guide in the upper keys, he's the friendliest. If you want an exceptional fishing experience with a quality guy then give Steve a call.

John Sescila

Fishing with Capt. Steve is always a world class experience because every conceivable detail is thought out ahead of time. His working knowledge of tackle, fish, boat and environment make him an amazing guide.

Steve Frederico
Stony Brook, Long island

My outing with Kestrel Outfitters encompassed many "firsts." It was my first time hiring a guide, my first time in a flats skiff, and my first time fishing for bonefish, tarpon, or permit.

I like to fly-fish and my wife Amber likes to- as she puts it, "actually have a chance at catching something." Captain Steve listened carefully to what we wanted to do and then provided a fishing experience that exactly matched what we had outlined for him, paying special attention to the fact that I wanted to fly-fish and Amber did not.

In addition to knowing where the fish were and how to put us on them, Steve was enthusiastic, patient, and hard-working.

I spooked the first few bonefish he spotted by hurling wads of tangled line at them with a sloppy KER-SPLOOSH! When my inner-monologue screamed, "Nice cast- JACKASS!" Steve would calmly say, "Okay, next time slow down, remember to breath, and concentrate on making a slow, deliberate cast." All his patient advice paid off. I caught my first bonefish! Now I see what all the hype is about.

My wife and I had a fantastic day on the water and can't wait to do it again.

Josh Flenniken
Dillon, Colorado

I have had the good fortune to guide with Steve in both Florida and Montauk. My last 3 trips to Montauk, during the fall run, have been outstanding, for which Steve has to take much of the credit. He possesses wonderful skills in all aspects of guiding. Especially his boating operational/safety skills (extremely important at the Montauk Rip), his knowledge of the water and gamefish (particularly albies & stripers), and his fly fishing expertise. Steve also provides top-notch equipment and flies and is willing to work hard for you, all day.

But, even more significantly, Steve does it all with a professional conduct and demeanor that makes the day fun & very enjoyable, no matter what water/weather conditions you encounter. Steve is one of those individuals who centers the day "around the client", and, is very cognizant of your skills & desires in order to optimize your day for success.

Our best trip was in 2005 with my son Rob, who was up from Florida and is a very competent fly fisher. Steve got us into blitz's all day and we both had "Montauk Grand Slams" (landing a striper, albie & bluefish) on both days! Thanks Steve! We can't wait till next fall!

Bob Signorello (Bethlehem, PA) &
Rob Signorello (Boca Raton, FL)



Captain Steve Horowitz
Kestrel Outfitters

Cell phone: 561-271-6006
Email: kestrel22@msn.com


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